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Power Booster Method Online

The method in an online format in which you will create your business as a coach.


8 modules in which, week by week, you will define your business as a coach.


We will combine online live workshops with personalized mentoring.


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Power Booster Method In Person

Power Booster Method in person we will begin, with a three-day workshop, where, we will establish the Fundamentals, phase I, of your business as a coach.


We will continue, with the Releases phase II: 4 months, with two monthly mentoring call, where you will put into practice, everything, you learned in the workshop.


Finally, the Consolidation, phase III: 2 months, where there is a group call of 1hr 30’ online, with the group with which you did phase I, where the experiences you are having in your day-to-day business as a coach, are shared.
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About us?

Susana Morales

I was certified in 2009, and since then, I have been a coach.

Later came, many other pieces of training such as CTI Leadership Program, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), CTT (Cultural Transformation Tool), ORSC (Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching), and many hours of work with clients, where I’ve learned a lot. Many leadership courses, many collaborations with interesting people whom I admire and respect.In short, I can say, that I am truly privileged to work and be able to live off my passion.

My coaching client niche is based on coaches who are in the certification process and those who, having certified, want to start their business as coaches.


What helped me when I reinvented myself as a coach is what I make available to other coaches: How to reinvent myself, how to live from this wonderful profession, and get clients. On a personal level, I have another great passion, which is my family, my four children, and my husband bring me the other part of fullness in my life, they have made me be where I am and who I am. Ah! And my dog ​​Dublin, a great companion from long hours of work in my office, always lying under my table, next to me, holding the space for me.


The first challenge I faced when I started my coaching business was the following question, now what?


Coaching schools focus on teaching you, to do Coaching, but and then…, there wasn’t, or at least I didn’t know about it, any rigorous post-certification program where they would teach you the fundamentals of your business as a coach.


I had left my professional career in the company, I had bet everything on Coaching, I had trained in the best schools in the world, I had made a large investment of money and now, where did I start?How did I find my clients?.


I remember that feeling of true vertigo, I alone had to start up all the machinery, without help from anyone. Thousands of questions piled up in my head,


do I associate with someone? At what price do I charge my sessions? Who do I want to address? Yes or no website? Social networks? I couldn’t handle all the unknowns that appeared in my head.


I can assure you, that I would have been very grateful for help at those times, someone to accompany me along the way, of course, the help of my coach was very important, but I needed something else, a mentor or someone who could help me with more technical issues, more business.


Fortunately, after some time and little by little, I was able to make a living from what was my profession. I am currently the founder of Gooo Up and the designer of the Power booster method for coaches, I work as a faculty at CTI and I am a partner in a consultancy where I accompany women to develop leadership within organizations

Vittoria Zipoli

I’m a certified professional Co-Active® Coach CPCC with the Coaches Training Institute and a Professional Certified Coach PCC with the International Coach Federation ICF as well as a faculty member of The Coaches Training Institute, training first class coaches around the world.


Originally from Italy and currently based in the UK, I’ve lived in 6 different countries between Europe and South East Asia, thriving in the cultural deep dive and always in the quest for different ways to make a positive societal contribution as well as a fulfilling personal and professional enrichment.


With a degree cum laude in Logic and Philosophy, I’m an addicted learner and I maximize the opportunities to dig my nose in psychology, neuroscience, self-development and leadership.


The happy consequence is that I can offer fresh perspectives on the latest researches to the people I partner with, expanding their impact with solid references.


Talking about partnership, I commit to work with people to awake their warrior spirit, to claim their voice and actions in the world. I’m dedicated to reducing unnecessary pain wherever I see and feel it, either through coaching or via supporting social change-makers around the world to action it in their own communities.


People trust the space we purposely co-create together and they find the courage to be themselves, relieving the need to apologise or change or modify themselves to comply with external standards, should or must be/do, cultural or perceived demands. I get excited by the prospect of exploring together the re-discovered self with new eyes. Brushing off the judgments, the unnecessary self-imposed limitation and looking at the raw brilliance of what has always been there. Brilliance that has been buried under beliefs taken for granted for a long time, possibly never challenged.


My focus is on personal development, inner alignment, presence, leadership, cultural awareness & transition. My mission is to empower people to be catalysts for the change they want to see for themselves and for the people in their private & professional world. Supporting coaches in building their profession and being true to who they are is how I see this work expanding and allowing even more people to authentically show up in their world.


Last but not least, I’m passionate about social leadership, always in the quest for extreme challenges with the aim to support women and communities affected by trauma, violence and neglect around the world through education and finance empowerment.


More to come when we meet, cause only together we can bring out the best of each other!