Power Booster In Person

Powerful vitamins to get clients

Guaranteed with this program, you will get clients

What value do you get living from Coaching? What is the cost you pay for not making a living from coaching?

Who is it for?

  • Coaches, who have already finished their training.


  • Coaches, who are getting certified.


  • Coaches in training.


  • Coaches, who are already working as coaches and want to review their business approach.
Phase 1:

It is a three-day workshop, where we will establish the fundamentals of your business as a coach.

We will learn, to define your niche as a coach.

We will define a resonant message and we will design an attractive offer for your clients.

We will write a sales script with which you can target your customers and we will see the different methods of attracting customers.


The workshop is completely experiential, we learn by doing, it is full of dynamics and interactions with the group of participants.

Phase 2:

We establish 4 months with two monthly coaching / mentoring sessions, where we will go

step by step through all the contents of the phase 1 workshop.


This phase is, where all learning takes place and is where, the whole mechanism starts up.

Phase 3:

In this last phase, all the knowledge acquired in the previous phases is consolidated,


For two months, there is a weekly group call of 1hr 30 online with the entire group.

The experiences that you are having in your day to day in your business as a coach, are created from the feedback received and you learn from the group knowledge.

This is, when you discover, that you are not alone and that all your colleagues are in the same situation as you.


 The community that is created in the Power Booster program is fundamental for the development of your evolution as a coach.

Great sellers, they don't sell things, they sell future.