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Power Booster Online

What is Power Booster Online?

It is the method, with which you will be able to create your business as a coach and get clients.


Whether, you have already trained as a coach, or if you are doing it, if you have certified or are in the certification period, this is the program, that will accompany you, in the creation of your business as a coach, through a tested method where you will achieve results.


More and more, people are reinventing themselves through coaching. We did it, but it is not always easy, and many, feel lost and cannot live from their dream. Therefore, a method and a rigorous accompaniment are essential right now.

What is Power Booster?

The online Power Booster method, consists of 8 modules. Each module, consists of 2 h 30 min. online live workshop, with Vittoria and I.


Each week, we will be working, on a module through a workshop. After the workshop you should be finish the corresponding task.


Also, there is a mentoring in the middle of the week, so, we will be accompanying you, from the beginning to the end.

Week by week, you will build your coaching business piece by piece and you will feel stronger and more secure,realizing that yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!. It can be possible.


The group that is generated during the seven weeks is essential to sustain individual learning.


At the end of the program, you will present the final project, that will be your coaching project come true. You will have 3 months to prepare it, you will define the strategy and the action plan, as you will test version number 1 of your business implementation and you will prepare scalable real finance.


The entire method of the program is carried out through Zoom’s online platform.


You can do, it in the comfort of your home or your office, without having to travel.

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Module 1:

Discovering your purpose gives you, a solid and sustainable foundation to build your coaching business.

Why do we want to be coaches, and build a business around coaching?

You will define a purpose as a coach, and you will internalize it, so, that it accompanies you throughout your process of building your business.

Module 2:

Choosing a niche, is essential when creating your business as a coach, the niche gives you focus, and the focus means power.

You will become an expert in your niche, you will know everything about your niche, you will know what your niche is worry about, what your niche wants, and what motivate your niche.

You are going to build an offer that suits your niche like a glove.

It is very difficult to be an expert in everything, but it is tremendously easy, to be an expert in something.

It is the phase of greatest resistance, but we will be there ,to accompany you in choosing your niche.

Module 3:

We will work with your believes system, which are the ones that empower you, and which are the ones that limit you.

When you define your believes, you realize that you can model reality as you wish, you can get what you want to achieve.

We create what we believe, and therefore, believe that we can build our business as a coach is to start creating it.

Module 4:

Once, we have chosen our niche, it is the moment of the greatest creation of the whole process.

You have to design the offer that you are going to offer to your niche.

We have worked on the method and we know everything about our niche, so it will be easy to design an offer that fits them.

Creativity to power to design your offer!

Module 5:

It is time to put your offer and your niche in contact.

In this module, you will write an elevator pitch, so that in two minutes you can tell what you do and how you do it, direct to your niche.

The message has to be part of your skin, have it so internalized that it is part of you, so that you can take it to the world naturally and with impact. We will teach you, a formula where you can put all the pieces together, and build that short and strong message.

Module 6:

We are building our business as coaches with all the pieces of the online Power Booster program and we do it with the method rigor, and our support.

In this module, you will learn how to to know what your brand is: what makes you unique and different from the rest of the other coaches; why are they going to hire you, and not the rest; where is your value as a coach. All these questions and many others will be revealed in this module.

We will also learn how to generate a powerful network of contacts to support us in the development of our business.

Module 7:

How are you using your network, both professional and personal, to give you

known as a coach?.

In this module, we will learn how to get the most of your contacts

and how incorporate the practice of networking into your daily work.

Module 8:
Closing – Commitment – FINAL PROJECT

In this module is, where all the learnings of the method are closed. We commit to ourselves about how what we are going do to create our business as coaches.

It is the step to action, to the materialization of everything we have traveled up to now.

You will have, a period of three months, to present your business project as a coach, which will consist of:

– Definition of strategy.

– Creation of an action plan.

– Testing of version 1 of the business development and feedback collection.

– Real economical scalable